How can I join a group?

After clicking Groups on the left menu, click on the All Groups tab where you will see a list of all the public groups on the Commons. This provides a way to find new groups that you might want to join. For many groups, you will see a Join Group button to the right of its name in the list. You will also see this button at the top of the group’s home page, which you can access by clicking on the group name when it appears on the All Groups or My Groups list.

There are three types of groups on the Commons: public groups, private groups, and hidden groups.

Public groups will appear in the directory of groups, and anyone can join by clicking Join Group on the group’s page. All content in public groups is visible, even to people who aren’t logged in to the site.

Private groups will also appear in the directory of groups, but membership may be restricted in different ways. To request to join a private group, click Request Membership on the group’s page. If the request is approved, you will be able to view the group’s content.

Hidden groups won’t appear in the directory of groups, and their content is viewable only by their members. New members must be invited to join by existing group members.

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