How can I make a new post for my WordPress site?

You can make a new post in a number of ways. You’ll see an Add New button just to the right of the Posts header at the top of your list of posts. There’s also an Add New button in the menu on the left side of the screen. Finally, you can hover over the + New button in the toolbar at the top of the screen and choose Post in the drop-down menu.

The first thing to note is the empty box at the top where the cursor is. Enter a title here for your post. Every post must have a title.

Your main content will go in the editor below the title. As a default, you will be in the “Visual” editor, marked by a tab at the top right of the editor. Clicking on Text takes you to a text editor where you can enter HTML code directly.

Above the typing area in the visual editor you’ll find a toolbar with formatting buttons. Many of these are self-explanatory, since they are similar to the ones used by word processors, but a few are unique to WordPress and are especially important.

The toolbar toggle allows you to extend the toolbar so that you have more formatting options available.

After clicking it you’ll have access to a drop-down menu that will let you alter the size of your font, ranging from Paragraph (the default font size) to Heading 1 (the largest font size). Choosing headings appropriately is key for ensuring the accessibility of your site. Further revisions to the size and font of your site can be edited outside of this bar with revisions to your sites’ theme.

The Paste as Plain Text button is important for copying and pasting text into the editor. Sometimes, text that is pasted from an email or from a software application doesn’t appear normally when you publish it in a post—this is because it can carry unnecessary code from the application, which gets displayed as if it were text. If this is happening to you, it can be helpful to click this Paste as Plain Text button before pasting your text. This will get rid of any formatting (like words that are in italics or bold). But you can always add this later, within the WordPress editor itself.

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