How do I link my existing Humanities Commons ID to my MSU net ID?

If you have an existing Humanities Commons ID, or you log in with another method (Google, Twitter, etc.) you can log in with your existing method and then add your MSU net ID as an additional log-in method.

Log in as usual. On the home page mouse-over your name and click on “Settings” in the dropdown menu.

Scroll down until you see this section on the screen:

Click on “Link another log-in method.” On the next screen enter your current username and password. Follow the prompts and select the MSU helmet as as your new log-in method. Log in with your net ID when you reach the page.

Once completed you will be automatically logged out, but you can log in again with either your HCID or your net ID.

After setting up MSU single sign on as a login method, email to have your account updated with the MSU role.