How do I start my own group?

Creating a group is very simple in Commons—anyone can do it! Go to the Groups Directory page by clicking Groups in the main menu.

Next, click the Create a Group button. When you click that button, you will be taken to the first step in creating a group: giving it a title and description.

The group name is the name that your group will appear under in the Groups Directory. The group description will appear below the name. Note that when people search the Groups Directory, the results returned can also be generated from the group description. If you would like to associate keywords that are not part of the name with your group, you might include them in the description of the group. When you have decided on the name and description, click Create Group and Continue. You will next be taken to the Settings page.

The Settings Page has several settings for your group, so it has been split into parts. Here, you will need to make a number of decisions, though these are things you can change in the future. First up are privacy options: you need to decide whether your group should be public, private, or hidden. You can consult the description of privacy levels above if you’re not sure which option to choose.

After you’ve decided your group’s privacy level, you’re asked on the same page (Settings Page) who’s allowed to invite people to the group.

The person who runs the group is the administrator (or admin). That is you. You can also add other people as administrators for your group later on. In some groups, an admin may appoint a moderator (or mod), who can’t control everything in the group, as an administrator can, but might, for example, decide who’s invited to the group. If this will be a busy group, you might want to appoint moderators. Read our Group Roles Guide for more information.

You’re next asked who in the group is allowed to invite new members. This choice only matters for private and hidden groups; anyone can join a public group from the Groups Directory page.

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