What group roles are there in sites?

Roles are also important for sites and blogs.

To set up your member roles for a group site, click Manage on the left-hand menu of your group’s page to access admin settings. Next, click Site to control the settings for your group site.

At the bottom of the page you will see your Member Options for the site.

If Enable Member Posting is checked, members of your group will be able to write posts on your group site. If it’s not checked, only you and other admins can write posts.

Any group member can be assigned any one of five site roles—administrator, editor, author, contributor, or subscriber—which determine how much control that person has over the posts on the site. Group roles do not need to align with site roles. A group administrator, for instance, could be assigned the site role of subscriber, while a group moderator could be assigned the site role of administrator. Here are the differences between the five site roles:

  • Subscribers can read and post comments on the site, but they can’t write posts. If the site is private, you wouldn’t be able to read it or see it if you’re not a subscriber.
  • Contributors can do everything subscribers can. They can also write posts on the site. However, they can’t actually publish them.
  • Authors can do everything subscribers can, but they’re also allowed to publish or edit their own posts.
  • Editors can do everything that authors can do, but they can edit and publish everyone’s posts, not just their own.
  • Administrators can do everything editors can do and everything else. They can change the way the site looks, and they can delete anything they don’t like.

A site must have at least one administrator. Aside from that, there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules. It generally makes sense to have the group admin also be the site admin. A good set of defaults might be:

  • Group administrators = site admins
  • Group moderators = site editors
  • Group members = site authors

With these settings in place, anyone who’s in the group is allowed to write and post on the site, although only moderators and administrators can change other people’s posts. If the group is designed to be more collaborative, you might have something like this:

  • Group administrators = site admins
  • Group moderators = site editors
  • Group members = site editors

Here, everyone’s an editor; this allows people to work together on posts.

Different settings will be appropriate for different groups. And bear in mind that these are only two among many possible alignments of roles. Any group admin can change the settings for any individual member of the group using the Users menu item inside the WordPress Admin Panel.

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